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Installation, O&M, Troubleshooting - Carroll

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Swan Lake Ed Center - Carroll
Cost: $125

Due to weather, the Installation/O&M/Troubleshooting workshops scheduled for this week have been rescheduled (see dates below*). All workshop information will remain the same. If you are registered to attend this workshop, your registration will be moved to the new date. If you cannot attend the new date, please contact Craig: cjhennager@dmacc.edu, or Caylene: cjhollinrake@dmacc.edu and a refund will be issued to you.

* Installation, O&M, Troubleshooting: Swan Lake, Carroll: Moved to Tuesday, February 26th

If you have any questions, please contact Craig at 515-256-4919

Please be advised the cost for this workshop is $125.00.  This workshop will run from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm, with doors opening for registration starting at 8:30 am.

The course starts by defining Private Sewage Disposal Systems, then moves into Time of Transfer Inspections, followed by Soil and Site Considerations, Dosing and Discharge and ending with Alternate and Advanced Treatment Systems.

This workshop provides practitioner training in system installation, operation and maintenance, and troubleshooting onsite wastewater systems.

Workshop Agenda
       System Installation
       Significance of Proper Installation
       Installation Safety
       Construction Materials & Techniques
       System Installation
               Start up
               Educating the User
       Operation & Maintenance
               Septic Tanks
              Dosing Systems and Controls
       Operation & Maintenance
              Secondary Treatment Components
              Soil Based System Components
              Educating the User
              Evaluate the Symptoms 
              Investigate the Source
              Develop the Remedy
              Educate the User
       Questions and Evals
       Distrubtion of CEU Certificates

Swan Lake Education Center
22676 Swan Lake Dr
Carroll, IA  51401

Instructor - Mike Salati

Registration for this event is not open at this time.